About Dr. Brandon

Dr Brandon From Klinik Pergigian FTS Chin

Dentist Personal Profile

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (5 years)
  • Klinik Pergigian Labuan (3 years)
  • Private Dental Clinical Experience (2 years)


  • Experienced in painless injections and extractions
  • Skilled in Fibre-reinforced bridge and cosmetic fillings
  • Attended ‘Comprehensive Semi Indirect Composite Onlay with Biomimetic Approach’ workshop in 2022


  • Focuses on Painless Dentistry


With 10 years of combined education and experience, I am a dentist with a passion for painless dentistry. I graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery after five years of education and spent three years at Klinik Pergigian Labuan before transitioning to private dental clinical experience. During my two years of private clinical work, I developed expertise in painless injections and extractions, as well as fibre-reinforced bridge and cosmetic fillings.

In 2022, I attended the ‘Comprehensive Semi Indirect Composite Onlay with Biomimetic Approach’ workshop, further expanding my knowledge and skills. My focus is on providing painless dentistry to all of my patients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and at ease throughout their visit.